owner and chef

Always an Exception to the Rule


My journey into the world of veganism begin after a 21-day detox 3 years ago set me on a path of discovery where being active and having better eating habits can add years to your life, as seen through my own personal experiences of losses and observations. By exploring the major effects diet can have on mind, body, & spirit my first step of vegan-based commitment was through all-natural juicing and flavorful cooking of alternative plant-based products and produce. This, with my travels & exploration of diverse food cultures, led me from home-based experiments to growing recipes and clientele willing to see the once-distant light of veganism as a realistic lifestyle possibility! from there I was internally inspired to create the optimistic and energetic slogan of, "#GREAT & AMAZING MORNING!"So, now I am creating a Community-based establishment focused on making plant-based food accessible for all! Sunshine Vegan Eats will be known as a place where the food is amazing regardless of whether one is vegan or not, so come on by and give it a try and find yourself pleasantly surprised at the vegan twists on some American classics!